Madonna montre une rare photo de sa mère tirée de ses archives personnelles


Madonna, the American singer and musical icon, is still a mama’s girl at the age of 64. Her mother died at the age of 30, when the future artist was only five years old.

Madonna-Louise Fortin’s life was cut short by breast cancer, and her young daughter was devastated. She had seizures for two years after her mother died: the youngster was terrified of getting cancer and going out – she had panic attacks accompanied by vomiting.

And now, over 60 years after her mother’s death, Madonna Ciccone has all she desires, but her memories of her namesake, who gave her life, are as vivid. She posted a rare snapshot with her mother on Instagram, and later dedicated a post to her, which was inspired by the artist’s visit to her memorabilia storehouse.

“I remember when I was a little girl, my mom was always cold. Partly because she was sick, but also because she never had a coat. She always spent what little money we had on coats for us, and I remember my mother standing outside with me waiting for the school bus in the middle of winter, shivering from the cold. Years later, when I became successful, my mother’s sister said:

“Now you can buy all the coats your mother couldn’t afford!” Every time I put on a fancy coat, I think of my mother. I hope she likes my taste in clothes. But even more I hope she’s always warm now,” Madonna writes.

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